International Politics and Law

International Politics and Law


The International Politics and Law stream in the College of International Studies offers courses that allow students to approach various global issues from different perspectives. Students focusing on this stream will first study the modern history of international relations and learn the necessary concepts and theoretical framework for understanding today's diverse international problems.

Students also take courses in area studies, comparative politics, international law, international politics, and international security to delve more closely into specific countries and regions.

The goal of the College of International Studies is to train students to think about and devise creative solutions to issues including international conflict, poverty, and environmental problems.

Overview of the Courses

Students learn conceptual frameworks and methods necessary to understand diverse events taking place in the world. Required core courses such as Introduction to International Studies I and Introduction to International Studies II, as well as elective core courses such as International Relations, Introduction to International History, Introduction to International Law, and Comparative Politics are particularly helpful in this regard.

To strengthen their analytical skills, students also will take courses in international relations theory, political processes, politics and history, as well as area studies and international relations.

One of the main features of the College of International Studies is its interdisciplinary approach. To gain a broader perspective, students are encouraged to take a wide range of courses outside their specialized field, including economics, sociology, and anthropology.


  • Introduction to International Studies I
  • Introduction to International Studies II
  • International Relations
  • Introduction to International Law
  • International Politics
  • International Political Economy
  • National Security
  • Theories of International Interdependence
  • International Organizations
  • International Commercial Policy (offered in the 2013-14 academic year)
  • Studies on Civil Society
  • Comparative Politics
  • Comparative Public Administration
  • Diplomatic History
  • Politics in Canada
  • Asian Politics
  • International Relations in Asia
  • Russian Politics
  • International Relations in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Studies on Contemporary China
  • Latin American Politics and Development
  • Latin America in a Globalized World
  • European Politics
  • International Relations in Europe
  • States and Societies of Central Asian Countries
  • Economy and Society in North Africa
  • Political Philosophy
  • Japanese Politics
  • International Law I
  • Laws of International Organizations
  • International Economic Law